originally published in Yaoi Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 1, January 2008

When they invited Kieran to go with them to the whorehouse, he declined: "It doesn't seem right to treat women like that."

"Just because you're fucking a girl, that doesn't mean you're treating her badly," Heath pointed out reasonably. Kieran apologized, but he still didn't accept the invitation.

So it's just Heath and Remy. The plan was to do a little drinking at Heath's room before hitting the whorehouse, where the booze was going to cost as much as the girls. It seemed like a brilliant idea when they thought of it, but now that their blood is infused with thick pleasance from the cheapest beer they could stomach, the whorehouse seems miles and miles away. Which it is. It's not like they couldn't walk those miles drunk, it's not like they haven't done it before coming back the other way. . .but they're kind of settled in now. The floor is clean and comfortable to lie on if you want to, which Remy does, and the beer is plentiful and priced right. There's only one problem with the new plan of staying in:

"No girls here," Remy observes to the ceiling.

"That's not a problem," Heath says from somewhere off to his left.

And then Heath is right there, or at least his hand is.

"Well," Remy says, watching the hand disappear inside his pants, "it's not a problem yet, because I ain't hard."

Heath's face looms into view. "Like I said, not a problem," he grins, lowering himself to his belly, and Remy wonders when he spread his own legs. Heath is still grinning as he cradles Remy's flaccid cock in his warm palm, and then his grin swallows Remy.

Heath's mouth is as warm as his hand, and a whole lot slicker. His tongue strokes warm and slick and steady along the underside, playing nice, oh so nice, with Remy's cock. As Heath coaxes the blood flow down to Remy's cockhead, Remy pillows his other head, spinning slow and light, on folded hands and lets the darkness behind closed eyelids envelop him. Heath's mouth is as sweet as any whore Remy has lain with, but when Remy opens his mouth to tell Heath so, only a moan comes out. Heath answers by tugging Remy's balls, and Remy gives him another moan and a buck of his hips.

When Heath's mouth comes off him, Remy opens his eyes and pushes one forearm flat to support himself as he slants up to see Heath grinning at him. "I could suck your balls for awhile, if you want."

It's a sweet offer from a sweet mouth, but Remy wants that mouth back where it was. He puts more weight on the elbow as he reaches for Heath with his other hand and pushes him back down: "Cock," Remy says, and practically purrs into the moan this time when Heath readily complies.

Remy's fingers stay in Heath's hair, echoing Heath's fingers on his balls, or maybe they're mirroring each other; Heath's mouth is going at its own rhythm, creating a swell, the pleasure thickening and quickening in Remy, his breathing going quick and shallow and hard, his cock hard in Heath's mouth now, Heath warm and slick and clever-quick-tricking around him, and fuck but Heath's mouth is just as sweet and pretty and sweeter still than any mouth Remy has ever had the pleasure of being inside, and in the moment right before he comes, Remy kind of forgets Heath isn't a whore and totally forgets to warn him.

He remembers in the moment right after, and props himself up, reversing the tug of his tightened fingers in Heath's hair. Heath opens his eyes and lifts his gaze to meet Remy's, and comes off Remy just enough to smile around his cock, and a trail of unswallowed come spills out of the corner of the smile, slipslides down Heath's chin.

"Fuck," Remy says. Exhales it deep; inhales, and tries again: "Fuck," he says, as Heath licks one more time, and then comes off him all the way, once more cradling Remy in his hand. Remy breathes out hard again, breathes in slow, and says, "Didn't mean to treat you like a whore."

"You kiss whores?"

"Well," Remy says, not sure if this counts as the same thing and trying to remember if it's ever happened anyhow, "they don't kiss me."

Heath smiles again, and then his mouth, smiling and full of clinging traces of unswallowed come, is on Remy's mouth, his tongue inside Remy's mouth, licking Remy's come back into him, Remy licking himself up off Heath and swallowing himself down; Remy follows when Heath goes back into his own mouth, hand wrapped around the back of Heath's head to hold him for Remy's tongue. Heath is grinding against the crease that joins Remy's thigh to his hip, and it's definite that no whore has ever done this with him.

Heath doesn't come against him, though. When the kiss breaks and Heath leans up away from him, Remy realizes that the pounding he thought was his heart is actually a knocking at the door. Remy thinks maybe they ought to just leave it, but then Kieran's voice is saying, "Is anyone here?" and Heath is just going ahead and opening the door, and Remy is still lying there, his cock all naked and sated-soft.

Kieran doesn't say anything. Heath just stands there, grinning away. All the blood Remy's cock had borrowed has flooded back to his face; he can only imagine what he looks like.

But Kieran isn't looking at him anymore, because Heath has put his grin on Kieran's mouth now. A low moan slips out around the edges of the kiss, and Remy realizes it came from Kieran, realizes that Kieran is not pushing Heath away but moving into the kiss more; Remy wonders if Kieran can taste him on Heath's tongue, and he feels a soft moan vibrate in his own throat.

When Heath and Kieran part, Remy tells Kieran he didn't have to drink alone just to come out with them to the whorehouse.

Kieran just smiles as he sinks to his knees. "I don't need to be drunk to suck a guy's cock."

Remy sits up, weight on his hands behind him as he watches. Kieran looks as pretty as any whore Remy's ever seen kneeling, his head moves just as pretty, and Remy bets his mouth is just as sweet, yeah, just as sweet as Heath's, too. Heath warns Kieran the way that Remy failed to warn Heath, but Kieran swallows, anyhow.

Not all of it, though. There are still smudges of Heath's come on his tongue when Kieran slips it into Remy's mouth, sweetly, oh hell yeah, so fucking sweet.

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