There are some stories I hold more dear than others, and "Shirt and Shoes Required" is one of the beloved. So it's with a more than fair amount of satisfaction that I share this update:

Shirt and Shoes Required appears in the current issue of the online literary magazine The Battered Suitcase, out today!

This is my first appearance in a publication that is not focused on GLBTQ literature or romance/erotica, but I think it's a love story nonetheless.

Shifting and drifting through the seasons in the year after returning home, two war veterans learn that you can't always get what you want--but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.

Lee wakes up when a gust of cold air hits him in the back as Jimmy lifts the edge of the comforter and climbs in.

Goddamn heat went out again.

They touch at the curve of their spines.

After a while, Jimmy turns and tucks up behind him, arm draping over him. For warmth, he says, shivering. Lee takes his hand to wrap him closer.

:: read the full story here ::

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