These are the stories I've had published in print and online, with excerpts to whet your appetite and links to read for free at the original site of publication or to buy. The "free to read" section also includes website exclusives, unavailable elsewhere.

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Duet for Violin and Boy
Clean Sheets, Issue 11/05/08 - short fiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: Jason's playful attempt to make up for the neglect he's been showing his boyfriend has unexpected consequences.
  • EDITOR'S NOTES: A story of resounding intimacy between two men, the music of passion, the surrender to harmony, the grave unison of joining. You’ve never read a story quite like this one.
  • EXCERPT: They've done this before: Jason playing his violin as Shane jerked off to it. Sometimes they have been so perfectly in synch that Jason has felt as if he were orchestrating Shane's orgasm, fucking him with the music.
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    Fast in His Gaze
    Forbidden Fruit [now defunct], Issue 14, September 2007 - short fiction, period
  • BLURB: Hayden has been a servant for the Astors since he was a boy, but he has only rarely had occasion to be near the young master of the estate--until the new Lady Astor catches him looking one afternoon, and makes an arrangement.
  • EXCERPT: The young man involved in this indiscretion is another servant in the household. Master Davis does not ask whether Hayden wishes to touch Vaughn's hair or mouth or flesh, he simply does it himself. And Hayden simply drives on.
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    The Fit of the Stretch in Queer Hearts, eds. Gary Dunne & Laurin McKinnon
    gay e-books australia, December 2007 - flashfiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: Sam and Aidan may not fit perfectly, but it's the imperfection that Sam wants.
  • EXCERPT: Aidan is standing in the doorway, halogen lighting melting into the sheen of sweat on his torso, making him sort of glow.
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    Reflection's Edge, June 2009 - short fiction, mythology/speculative
  • BLURB: Identical twins Cas and Pol have been amusing themselves by engaging in an affair with their unwitting neighbor, who doesn't realize he's been sleeping with both of them. When one of the brothers engages in non-identical behavior, their neighbor may remain oblivious--but the other twin does not.
  • EXCERPT: I'm not sure you understand me, but I don't know how to explain because I have never had to explain anything to you, ever. The thing of it is this: it is not jealousy. It is not that I want him to pull me in the middle, too. It is that you did something different. You found something I haven't found, something I don't know. This something is between us now. Not between us, shared in the way that all the everything between us binds us together; this is something that separates us. Divides us, one from the other.
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    Hole in the Head
    Wilde Oats, Issue 3, December 2009 - short fiction, contemporary - illustrated
  • BLURB: Setting out to prove to go-go dancer Steven how he isn't obsessed with him or anything, Damian gets in over his head with the new boy on the scene.
  • EXCERPT: If you look too quick, you might think you could snap him. But Damian can see that this boy is built to bend, not to break. He knows how to move in his skin, like he's doing right now. Damian supposes you could call that dancing, if you've no imagination. Damian imagines The Boy is fucking the air around him. The Boy is well into it now, vibing: Come rub up against me, if you dare. Damian has never been one to turn down a dare.
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    Gay Flash Fiction, Issue 12, January 2009 - flashfiction
  • BLURB: The adventure of bodysurfing down white-water rapids in nothing compared to the adventure that is Johnny.
  • EXCERPT: Johnny throws back his head and howls to the mid-afternoon sun on its slow approach to dusk, hours to go before it sinks into the horizon. Seb looks at Johnny, face upturned, glistening with unshaken water. Johnny's howl echoes in Seb, shivers in him, and Seb wishes he'd howled too.
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    Shirt & Shoes Required
    The Battered Suitcase, Vol. 1, Issue 9, February 2009 - short fiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: As they shift and drift through the seasons in the year after coming home, two war veterans find that you can't always get what you want--but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.
  • EXCERPT: Lee wakes up when a gust of cold air hits him in the back as Jimmy lifts the edge of the comforter and climbs in. Goddamn heat went out again. They touch at the curve of their spines.
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    Some Things
    Lucrezia Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 2, February 2008 - short fiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: Two life-long friends decide to meet for the first time after starting a long-distance relationship, because some things have to be done in person.
  • EDITOR'S NOTES: Mallory Path explores homoerotic intimacy, using her individual style to magnify heat, passion and libertinage.
  • EXCERPT: The third time, Dylan kisses Garett like he's been wanting to, little flicks and teases of tongue until Garett opens against his mouth and Dylan pushes his tongue inside at last. His tongue unfurls as he withdraws it, soothes it up along the cleft, his hand lower, fondling Garett's sac as he licks. He kisses the dimple below Garett's tailbone, comes off only to moisten his finger; then he goes down again, down more, his fingertip tracing the path of his tongue, brushing across Garett's hole, rubbing wet little circles as he gathers Garett's balls and tugs them back toward his mouth.
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    Yaoi Magazine [now defunct], Vol. 1, Issue 1, January 2008 - short fiction, contemporary/period
  • BLURB: The arithmetic of sexual tension and friendship, according to Heath: no girlfriends + no money for the whorehouse = no problem.
  • EXCERPT: Heath's mouth is as warm as his hand, and a whole lot slicker. His tongue strokes warm and slick and steady along the underside, playing nice, oh so nice, with Remy's cock. As Heath coaxes the blood flow down to Remy's cockhead, Remy pillows his other head, spinning slow and light, on folded hands and lets the darkness behind closed eyelids envelop him. Heath's mouth is as sweet as any whore Remy has lain with, but when Remy opens his mouth to tell Heath so, only a moan comes out. Heath answers by tugging Remy's balls, and Remy gives him another moan and a buck of his hips.
    ~ issue out of print; read the story here


    Allison in Four Seasons: Winter, ed. Selena Kitt
    eXcessica, December 2009 - short fiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: Unable to cope with the world around him and unaware of his own humor and charms, Spencer has given up on himself and is close to slipping through the cracks entirely. When happenstance reunites him with a friend he thought long-lost, Spencer gets another chance to find himself—if only he can look.
         The unmistakable tread of Ronnie's boots comes up the stairs now. Spencer zips up but doesn't bother with shirt or shoes. "Hey, you feel like—" he says as he leans out of his door, "—oh."
         "Hey, man, what's up?" Ronnie turns to the young man beside him and explains, "This is my neighbor."
         "The one who doesn't like the violin," the young man says. Blue-eyed and tousled-blond, cherubic dimples become angelic, horrifyingly All-American, more Boy-Next-Door than the actual boy next door; more everything, certainly, than Spencer. "Hello, Spencer. It's you, isn't it?"

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    eXcessica, June 2010 - short fiction, contemporary/light BDSM
  • BLURB: Vincent, Patrick and Colin have been playing with Tig ever since Tig confessed his desire for D/s intimacy. Now that the time has come for Tig to make the same confession to Justin, along with a confession of love, they're sure they know what lies ahead—but after tonight, nothing will ever be the same between these five friends.
         "Tig." When Tig opens his eyes, Justin says, "I want to give you this." His fingers kiss the hollow of Tig's throat, the pulse there; caress down his body; follow the curve of Tig's cock to kiss with fingertips the pulse at the head. "I want to give you everything you want."
         Tig doesn't think Justin is even blinking, unless Justin is blinking in perfect synchronicity with him.
         Justin holds Tig's face with both hands now. "Everything." He comes closer. So close his breath kisses Tig's lips, his words kiss Tig's mouth: "I want to give you the world, Tig, and everything in it. All for you.
         "And in return, I only want you to give me yourself. All of yourself."
         Tig vibrates in his own veins; the blood running through his heart orgasms.
         "Yes?" Justin smiles softly.
         Tig can't speak. He nods.
         "Tell me," Justin murmurs.
         Tig still can't speak. It's all he can do to breathe. Then a deeper breath finds words: "Yes," he breathes into Justin, "Yours."
         Vincent watches them in their kiss. He can feel his boys watching, too. He turns and bestows a kiss on Colin, a kiss on Patrick; slipping an arm around each of their waists, he encourages them to kiss each other.
         Justin and Tig are speaking again, too softly to be heard beyond themselves. Vincent doesn't need to hear them, though, because he can see their faces. With a smile, he whispers to each of his boys that they can leave these two alone now. He feels the drag of reluctance in them as they turn, the longing and loss that tugs them to stay for one more gaze, one more touch that won't come; Vincent lets them look and promises with silent touches to make it up to them when they're home.
         "Don't go," Justin's voice calls out behind them before they reach the door. They turn to see him standing now, one hand curled around the back of Tig's neck as Tig remains kneeling. "Stay," Justin says, "please."
         Eyes locked with Justin's, Vincent feels Patrick and Colin look to him for how he will answer this. Patrick is transmitting his own "please" in the twitches of his fingertips at the small of Vincent's back; Colin downturns his eyes to hold in his plea.
         "Stay and share this," Justin says quietly.
         "Are you giving him to us?" Vincent asks.
         "No." Justin smiles. "I'm giving you to him."

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    Don't Have to be Beautiful in Pretty Boys & Roughnecks, ed. Mickey Erlach
    STARbooks Press, September 2009 – short story, contemporary
  • BLURB: Andy knows he's not the best-looking guy around, but he's always wanted someone to think he's hot. When a casual conversation reveals that Finn has a fetish for scars and tattoos, Andy sees his chance.
         As Andy slides his foreskin up and down along his hardening, lengthening shaft, Finn watches the shift and lightless shimmer of the inked patterns with fascination. Andy alternates his own gaze, now watching his hand, his cock, his tats; now watching Finn watch.
         When he glances at Finn this time, he finds Finn looking not at his tattoos but at his face.
         "Didn't that hurt?"
         "Hurt like hell."
         From the flicker and flutter of lashes, from the curve of Finn's open lips, Andy knows that he is, at last, hot in someone's eyes.
         Finn returns his gaze to the tattoos, visually caressing as Andy continues stroking with his hand. "You can take yours out, too," Andy hears himself say.

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    First Snowfall in Four Seasons: Summer, ed. Selena Kitt
    eXcessica, June 2009 - short fiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: Brandon, a violin prodigy before he lost his hearing in an accident four years ago, has fallen for his interpreter, Alex, but has been too afraid of losing Alex to confess—until now. As a graduation gift to Alex, Brandon plays the musical composition into which he has been pouring his deep and clandestine feelings, risking his heart and their friendship for a chance at first love.
         Brandon places the violin snug in its case before he goes over and sits beside Alex, who shifts sideways so they're facing each other. When Alex doesn't offer anything, Brandon asks if he liked it.
         Alex nods. Then he adds, "I've never heard that before."
         "No one has."
         "You..." Alex's hand hovers wordlessly for a moment before he ventures, "Did you compose it?"
         Brandon nods. "I started it before..." His fingers fold in slowly, drifting off the last word. Instead of telling Alex that he continued it after, not just after he lost his hearing but after he met Alex, he only says, "It's not finished."
         "It's beautiful," Alex tells him sincerely. "What is it called?"
         "It doesn't have a name." Brandon smiles. "It does, it's just..."
         "Shy?" Alex says. Brandon smiles again and nods, even though it doesn't make sense.
         The vibrations of music have stilled; the music itself has been transmuted into a gaze as they sit looking at each other.
         Then Brandon leans in and kisses Alex, and Alex lets him.
         And then Alex kisses him back.

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    Handle With Care
    eXcessica, May 2009 - short fiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: Pretty-boy Lucas has caught everyone’s eye at local hangout The Station, including that of rough-and-tumble grad student Mick. When it’s finally Mick’s turn to take Lucas home, he teaches Lucas that you can’t judge a book by its cover (or a body by its tattoos)--and that there’s much more to erotic intimacy than sex.
         "Did you just moon me as a seduction technique?"
         "Did it work?" Lucas's eyebrows arch hopefully.
         "Not really," Mick says, throwing in a shrug for good measure. He wonders if Lucas notices how he has shifted his stance to stick his balled fists in his pockets.
         They stand looking at each other for so long that the hint of a pout creeps onto Lucas's face, and Mick isn't sure whether Lucas is doing it with purpose or not. He can't help but grin, and the pout blossoms in response.
         "Hey." Vexation colors Lucas's words. "Are you going to fuck me or not?"
         Cocking his head, Mick looks Lucas in the eye and really thinks about it. "I might," he finally allows. "But look, Lucas, if I do-and I’m only saying 'if,' you understand?" Lucas nods and Mick resumes, "If I do, I'm not going to do any of those things you were just whispering in my ear."
         "Why not, though? Didn't we just establish that I'm not going to break?"
         "Yeah," Mick replies, "but I'm not into that sort of thing."

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    Kink for Love
    Dreamspinner Press, May 2009 - short fiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: When Roth hears a rumor that one of his closest friends is spending time at an exclusive Manhattan sex club, he sets out to learn the facts. What he gets is a truth that goes beyond the one he sought--and something even deeper than that.
         "He's here tonight." Roth turns to see that the bartender from the other end has come over to his side. "The guy from your photograph," the bartender says, and Roth remembers showing him the picture of Sinclair that first night. "He's here tonight."
         "Second side room on the left."
         Roth thanks him, downs the rest of his drink, and skirts the wall until he reaches the second doorway. Seeing Sinclair as soon as he enters the side room, Roth slides into the shadows along the wall. But it doesn't matter, he realizes even as he conceals himself in the dark: Sinclair is blindfolded and on his knees, hands clasped at the small of his back, his mouth filled with the cock of the man standing before him.

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    Nice Girls Do in Cherry, ed. M. Rode
    Torquere Press, July 2009 - short fiction, contemporary/period
  • BLURB: An act of compassion turns Alan into a local hero, but he doesn't have a clue how to handle his sudden popularity with the town's young ladies. When Taz offers to take the girl's part and help Alan practice romance, the simple if unusual gesture changes the boys' friendship forever.
         "I don't have trust with those girls," Alan says at last, turning his face up to direct his words and gaze into the setting sun. "I feel like I'll just make a fool of myself and they'll laugh at me. It's ridiculous, isn't it, that I'm nearly twenty and don't have a clue."
         Taz doesn't point out that Alan has only just turned eighteen, and that at any rate, there is no shame in virginity even at twenty. There is no pregnancy of words in the silence this time, but Taz gives it a few moments before he offers, "You could practice with me." When Alan looks at him, Taz adds, "If you want to. I could look more girlish, if it would help you." He reaches back and pulls out his hair tie; freed from the ponytail, his locks tumble down, some falling over his shoulders, framing his face.
         He drops his eyes, but he can still feel Alan's stare. Then he hears Alan say, "Don't do that." From his peripheral vision, Taz sees Alan raise his hand as he comes towards Taz, and for a moment Taz wonders if Alan means to strike him. But Alan only reaches around and gathers up the hair that has tripped down Taz's back. He fingercombs the strands out of Taz's face, and when he's satisfied, he takes the hair tie from Taz's hand and twists it around to hold the new ponytail. Then he takes a step back to look at his work critically. "That's better."
         Taz keeps his face turned down even now, until Alan says, "How do we start, then?"

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    The Night Sky Man
    (the Nine of Wands in the multi-author Tarot Arcana series)
    Torquere Press, January 2010 - novelette, contemporary
  • BLURB: Ivan "Tolly" Tolliver is a former model turned modeling agent. Divorced with no children, he's given himself over to his work, and there's little he won't do for the models he represents, including crossing oceans for photo shoots and fashion events despite a terrible fear of flying. One of his models is a rising star named Nate, who Tolly thinks is one of the most beautiful men he's ever seen. One night at a Fashion Week party, having had too much to drink, Tolly gives in to his attraction and follows Nate into the men's room for a sexual encounter. What happens the next morning when Tolly's sober again?
         Tolly goes over to slide the door shut. When he turns back, he sees that Nate is again intent on his goblets, trying to elicit forth the exact tones he wants from them with his saliva-slickened finger. Edging back, Tolly watches Nate put his middle finger in his mouth, watches him suck on the tip, and swirl it around the glass rim.
         "Sometimes I like to think it didn't happen." Tolly doesn't know what compels him to speak, but he can't stop himself from adding, "That none of it ever happened."
         There is a pause during which Nate continues to look down, his middle finger still swirling, charming forth and sustaining an exquisitely eerie note. It lingers in the air for a moment when he lifts he finger away.
         When at last Nate looks up into Tolly's eyes, his expression is neutral. "Maybe it never did," he says. "Maybe it was all a terrible, beautiful dream."
         Tolly opens his mouth to reply but finds he has neither words nor thoughts, and merely moistens his lips instead. They hold each other's gaze, eyelids flickering in half-blinks and not-quite-flinches.
         "Maybe we're dreaming right now," Nate goes on, straightening up. "Maybe it's happening." He leans in close. "Right." A whisper of the word in Tolly's ear, whisper of a kiss on his neck. "Now."
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    Of All the Gin Joints in Toy Box: Fisting, ed. M. Rode
    Torquere Press, February 2009 - short fiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: When Holden tracks down his lost first love, hoping to get Kyros out of his system by indulging in the night they never had together, he finds that the boy he remembers has grown into a man he hardly recognizes--but wants to get to know.
         Kyros has lost none of the impossible limberness he used to have in high school; it's obscenely manifest now. Every time Holden touches Kyros' leg, wanting to push him open a little more, Kyros is already moving himself. Opening more, more open than Holden can push. And Holden, just--he wants to be the one to do it. He wants to open Kyros up; he wants Kyros to let him. He feels Kyros watching him, Kyros' gaze on his face even when Holden drops his own to his hands, his fingers inside Kyros, his other hand splayed on Kyros' thigh. When he slips the fourth finger in, that should be too much. But Kyros' body adjusts to accommodate with the barest hitch. Open, so fucking open. Holden knows what he's going to do; he knows it's going to happen. He knows. He's looking at Kyros' face, and he knows Kyros knows, too. "Do you want to break me?" Kyros asks, like it's just a question, a normal question you ask every day; Holden thinks that maybe for Kyros, it is.

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    The Prettiest Girl in the Room in Queer Dimensions, ed. James E.M. Rasmussen
    Queered Fiction, September 2009 - short fiction, speculative
  • BLURB: Duster Mann fell in love with Lyre at first sight and has been searching for her ever since. When he finally catches up with her, even the intriguing genetic make-up of one of her companions is not enough to distract him from the pursuit of his ideal woman.
          Grinning at Lolly's enthusiasm, Duster ruffles her hair and lets his thumb slip down to scan her tattoo. He gets a flash of scrambled data before the goggles' readout goes black, then comes back with the message, ENCRYPTED.
         It's a disappointment but, Duster reminds himself, he isn't here for work. It's not work but personal curiosity that makes him look anew at Lolly as she peels the orange. The doubts that started on the street about her biological sex get stronger the longer he looks: it's as if Lolly is shifting between male and female, shimmering lightlessly.
         Resting his chin in his hand, he discreetly activates a series of filters in the goggles. The data stream confirms two things: Lolly is biological, and the shimmer is no illusion. It's there in Lolly's skin and beneath it, barely perceptible contractions and expansions, as if her molecules are rearranging themselves—or being rearranged. Nanobots. He's not certain. There's been work in the field, of course, but he didn't think it had advanced this far.
         "We don't have a vidscreen."
         Startled out of his fascination, Duster turns and sees Lyre leaning in the doorway that connects to the bedroom. She smiles at him. "Lolly loves vidtech. This is a serious treat."
         "Then I'm glad I insisted on the room with the biggest screen." He joins her. There are no weapons to find, but he says anyhow, "Everything all right?"
         She nods. "Faye's taking a shower."
         Her scarf has twisted and tangled during the search. "Please, let me," he says, reaching for it. Her hand comes up, but since she doesn't say no, he straightens it, starting with where it rests against the back of her neck. The scan is quick, spilling data across his goggles: her former status as a certified Atlantic District whore and that she was assigned to reconditioning training. The data stream stops there, the file incomplete.
         "Thank you," Lyre says. Duster doesn't remember if the flush in her cheeks was there when she walked in. Tilting her head and tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear, she steps away and turns to Lolly. "Hey, Lol—have you taken your meds?"
         "I forgot." Lolly removes a small container from her front pocket. Popping the cap, she taps out a couple of pills and swallows them dry. "Do you want some of the orange Duster gave me?"
         Lyre smiles. "No, thank you."
         Holding the piece of fruit out to him, Lolly says, "Duster?" When he accepts it, she grins and re-rivets her attention on the vidscreen.
         "You two seem to have hit it off," Lyre says.
         "Lolly's a good kid." Duster turns to Lyre. "But what I want is a real woman."
         He wants to hold her gaze but she looks away, saying she's going to go see how Faye is doing.
         Duster sits with Lolly again and soon becomes aware that she is watching him as well, first out of the corner of her eye, then turning fully to meet his gaze. There's more: Lolly isn't shifting randomly now, but reading his responses to each shift, adjusting in return. Lolly has reached a sort of stability now, still shimmering, neither male nor female, and yet—somehow—both.
         "Nicely done, Lolly," he says.
         "Thank you, Duster," she, or he, or it smiles.
         Duster doesn't like applying 'it' to people; the word is used too often to strip away humanity. Lolly is an 'it' of a different kind though; a glorious, magnificent 'it'.

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    A Radiance of Colors on the Horizon
    Paper Bag Press, February 2009 - short fiction, contemporary (m/m/f)
  • BLURB: Tommy, Becca, and Miles have been best friends and rivals for years. On the eve of graduation, Miles worries that everything is going to change, but none of it in the way he finally confesses he wants. Tommy and Becca set out to show him that dreams can come true--and fantasies, too.
  • PUBLISHER'S NOTES: A beautiful tale of love and friendship, and just how good three people can be together.
         "That's just it," Miles finally says, and Tommy looks up as Miles lets out a heavy breath. "I don't want to pay cash for it. Not the first time, anyhow. And I don't want it to be with just anyone." Miles sighs again. "I want it to be with someone I care about, and someone who cares about me. Love without being in love. No entanglements or complications, just someone to learn with. Or to learn from." This time, he doesn't sigh into the pause. "I've been thinking about it, and that's what I want. I've been thinking about it," he repeats softly, "and that's both of you.
         There's a soft thud as Becca drops to the ground beside Tommy. "You don't sound like a girl," she says.
         As if Becca hasn't spoken, Miles says, "I've been thinking about it, and that's what I want. I've been thinking about it," he repeats softly, "and that's both of you. I thought it would be nice, to have our first times with each other, together."
         Wistfulness drifts from the curve of Miles's mouth into the air around them; it seeps into them through that very air as they breathe it.
         Then Becca observes offhandedly, "There are other kinds of first times. Like, I've never been with two people I care for at the same time."
         "I've never been with two people without paying for it," Tommy offers.
         Miles rolls onto his stomach, propping himself up on his elbows as he looks at them, his gaze settling on one and then the other. "Are you saying yes?"
         Tommy and Becca look at each other. She smiles first, and then his brow-cocked grin gives her permission to answer for both of them: "Yes."

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    Rules of the Game in I Do! An Anthology in Support of Marriage Equality, ed. Kris Jacen
    MLR Press, January 2009 - short fiction, contemporary
  • NOTE: All proceeds from this anthology go to Lambda Legal for their marriage equality work in the United States.
  • BLURB: The problem with unspoken agreements is that they're unspoken. When words fail, Charlie must find another way to figure out what his partner really wants.
         "If I'm able to get both your hands off the headboard, then I can do anything I want. Whatever I want."

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    The Secret Language of Curls
    Torquere Press, March 2008 - novelette, contemporary
  • BLURB: Nick wants Danny and Laurent, but he doesn't want to admit it. When they offer to give him what he wants, Nick makes a run for it, which hurts the others emotionally, and maybe even physically.
  • PUBLISHER'S NOTES: This art-house style story leads us through the secret language of shapes and bodies, where Danny and Laurent try to help Nick learn to face his emotions. Can Nick learn to let go and love?
         Nick is crashing.
         Not the crashing of glass, of breaking, broken glass; crashed glass, shards splayed out across the floor like – well, fucked if he knows what they're splayed like, but it's not like fingers across skin, no. They look so pretty, those shards, but dangerous, too. Treacherous. They could hurt you, those pretty shards, if you stepped on them with your bare foot. Nick thinks he should probably go tell Danny to be careful, if Danny comes in here. If Danny gets off the sofa and comes in here, where Nick is, where the shards are, Danny could get hurt. Nick wonders if he should tell Danny to be careful with his naked, pretty feet if Danny ever gets off that sofa...
         Not all glass hurts, though; not all glass cuts. There's glass they make for illusions, for stunts in Hollywood movies; glass you can fly through and not hardly feel a thing; glass that breaks and splays out pretty and doesn't make you bleed. Glass made from sugar, not sand; sugarglass, it crashes so nice.
         Nick isn't crashing nice. Nick is having a bad sugar crash. It's too late to stop the crash now, to fly high again on sugar. Too late to stop the crash, but he's eating more chocolate anyhow, like he has been all night. He doesn't even really want to eat the amaretto balls – he's not the one who likes amaretto, that's Daniel – but he's eating them anyhow, like he has been all evening. Amaretto balls, rum balls, straight-up chocolate balls. Balls, balls, balls. That's what it's been all night long – balls and sugar. He feels like he's been mainlining unrefined sugar cane, and now he's coming down, and no amount of amaretto balls can stop the crash.
         Now that the glass has slipped from his fingers and is splayed out, crashed on the kitchen floor, Nick is drinking straight from the bottle. The amaretto balls are gone, and he's eating straight chocolate now, drinking amaretto straight from the bottle, even though he doesn't like amaretto; it's Danny who likes the taste of amaretto, Daniel who tastes like amaretto...
         He pops another chocolate ball in his mouth, practically inhales it, swallows it without savoring it, washing it down with amaretto when it sticks in his throat, keeps swigging after it’s gone. Alcohol can't stop the sugar crash, but maybe it can drown it. Or maybe not, because isn't there sugar in alcohol? Or your body makes sugar from alcohol? One of those. Maybe both.
         Nick looks at the bottle for a clue, tries to read the label but there’s not enough light in here. He remembers that there is "good" cholesterol and "bad" cholesterol. He wonders if it's that way for sugar, too. He wonders what the good sugar might be. He's pretty sure it's not the sugar in chocolate, which is rotting a hole in his tooth. And he's pretty sure it's not the sugar in amaretto, which is rotting a hole in his liver.
         He's for damn sure certain that it's not in Daniel's sweet laugh when he points sweetly at the chocolate smudge, or in Daniel's sweet fingertip trying to brush it off, smearing it sweetly instead, or in the sweet tip of Daniel's sweet tongue licking sweetly the smear from the corner of Laurent's mouth; Nick is pretty sure the good sugar is not in any of that, which is rotting a hole in his heart.

    ~ out of print (email me for a free copy)

    Silver Publishing, August 2010 - short fiction, contemporary
  • BLURB: Jake Brown has always been content with his life on the family farm. When he learns his rock idol, the legendary Russ London, is making a tour stop nearby, Jake sneaks off to the city, planning a simple night of music and fun—but everything changes when a chance encounter in a coffee shop brings him face to face with Russ London himself.
         When the show was over, after the crowd had demanded and received its encore, Jake left the club still grinning. He saw some of the girls going down an alleyway and followed them to the back entrance of the club. Surprisingly, they only had to wait a few minutes before the band came out. Russ was surrounded at once by girls asking for autographs and, no doubt, making offers in return. Jake hung back; somehow, he didn't want to ask for an autograph. It would be too anti-climactic or something. He already felt he was dampening the experience just by standing there, so he turned around and headed for the alleyway that would take him back to the street, the street that would take him back home—
         "Jake!" Russ London's voice stopped him. He turned back and Russ stepped through the girls, face tilting up to make eye contact. "It's Jake, yeah?"
         Jake's heart stopped beating for a moment, and nearly forgot to start again as he looked at Russ looking at him. "Yeah," he said at last.
         "You need to be somewhere?" Russ asked. "'Cause if you're not doing anything," he grinned, shoulders rising in a slight, casual shrug, "why don't you hang with us? I owe you a drink, after all."
         Jake couldn't stop grinning. "Sure!" He didn't know whether he was more excited because Russ had noticed the drink Jake had handed him during the set or because of the invitation itself.
         As he followed Russ through the dwindling throng of fans, Jake couldn't help feeling the glances—some jealous, some merely curious—that the girls were casting in his direction. Hands shoved in his pockets with what he hoped was nonchalance, he watched Russ sign the last few autographs and endure a small explosion of flashbulbs.
         Then he was following Russ again, this time onto the tour bus.

    ~ buy the eBook @ publisher's site
    ♥ read the review by Danielle of Coffee Time Romance
    ♥ read the review at Seriously Reviewed

    Truth or Dare
    Paper Bag Press, February 2009 - short fiction, contemporary (m/m/f)
  • BLURB: When Alicia agrees to a game of "truth or dare" with her buddies Beau and Kev, they all get more than they bargained for as the truth of their desires comes out in the escalating heat of their dares.
         When they break from the kiss she challenged Kev to climb into Beau's lap for, they turn to her.
         "Dare," she says.
         She gets to her feet, and they move apart just enough to give her room. As she goes back to her knees, one on either side of Beau's thighs as she faces him, musk from the damp between her legs drifts up. Kev shifts in closer behind her, not close enough to feel his chest against her back, but she does feel his breath against her nape for a moment. And she feels one of his hands on her hip, feels one of Beau's on her other hip; she doesn't know where their other hands are. Her own are on Beau's shoulders as she looks him in the eye, not flinching from the gaze, not flinching from the dare.
         "Whose turn is it now?" she asks, dropping her voice a little lower than usual to try to disguise any tremors that might trip out along with her words.
         Beau's lips move, but it's Kev's voice she hears at her ear: "Yours."
         "Okay then," she says, allowing herself to close her eyes as she sucks in a breath, opening them as she lets it out and meeting Beau's eyes once more: "I dare you to do whatever you want with me." She looks over her shoulder to catch Kev's gaze. "Double dare."

    ~ buy the eBook: @ publisher's site

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