A couple of times in different places, including here, I've mentioned an experimental, stream-of-consciousness, second-person pov, pseudo-mythical and definitely incestuous story I had accepted by the online literary journal Reflection's Edge. I'm pleased to say that story, "Gemini," appears in the journal's current issue.

Reflection's Edge, June 2009 - short fiction

Identical twins Cas and Pol have been amusing themselves by engaging in an affair with their unwitting neighbor, who doesn't realize he's been sleeping with both of them. When one of the brothers engages in non-identical behavior, their neighbor may remain oblivious--but the other twin does not.

I'm not sure you understand me, but I don't know how to explain because I have never had to explain anything to you, ever. The thing of it is this: it is not jealousy. It is not that I want him to pull me in the middle, too. It is that you did something different. You found something I haven't found, something I don't know. This something is between us now. Not between us, shared in the way that all the everything between us binds us together; this is something that separates us. Divides us, one from the other.

~ read it here

It's definitely not for everyone (well, what is?)--but if you read it, I very much hope you enjoy it!
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