It was my pleasure and privilege to interview [ profile] kitzheng and [ profile] jamie_booth about their story in Torquere's shapeshifter anthology Here Kitty, Kitty, "The Tale of Tom Katt & Martin Rue." I'll be reviewing the novella tomorrow so I won't say anything here other than that I really loved it (I'm saving all the whys and wherefores for the review itself). But if you're familiar with either Kit or Jamie, or if you're interested in hearing about collaborations, writing processes, genre-blending, and myth-building, I hope you'll check out the interview over at Authors By Authors.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that this is my half of an Authors by Authors pair-up with Kit Zheng, who posted a review of "The Prettiest Girl in the Room," my story in the anthology Queer Dimensions. (Thank you again, Kit!)


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