As usual, I'm late with news!

First, Communion was released from eXcessica last Friday.

Tig, Vincent, Patrick, Colin, and Justin are long-time friends, but even the best of friends have secrets. Revelations can bring people closer, or tear them apart. That's the chance Tig took when he confessed his desire for D/s intimacy to Vincent, Patrick and Colin. It has led to a very satisfying arrangement among them, although they've kept their relationship and BDSM activities from Justin.

Now the time has come for Tig to risk himself again: with the others' help and support, he's ready to bring his desires to Justin, along with a confession of love.

Since taking up with Patrick and Colin, Vincent has seen and done more than he imagined possible, and he thought he knew what they were all getting into—but after tonight, nothing will ever be the same between these five friends.


"Tig." When Tig opens his eyes, Justin says, "I want to give you this." His fingers kiss the hollow of Tig's throat, the pulse there; caress down his body; follow the curve of Tig's cock to kiss with fingertips the pulse at the head. "I want to give you everything you want."

Tig doesn't think Justin is even blinking, unless Justin is blinking in perfect synchronicity with him.

Justin holds Tig's face with both hands now. "Everything." He comes closer. So close his breath kisses Tig's lips, his words kiss Tig's mouth: "I want to give you the world, Tig, and everything in it. All for you.

"And in return, I only want you to give me yourself. All of yourself."

Tig vibrates in his own veins; the blood running through his heart orgasms.

"Yes?" Justin smiles softly.

Tig can't speak. He nods.

"Tell me," Justin murmurs.

Tig still can't speak. It's all he can do to breathe. Then a deeper breath finds words: "Yes," he breathes into Justin, "Yours."

Vincent watches them in their kiss. He can feel his boys watching, too. He turns and bestows a kiss on Colin, a kiss on Patrick; slipping an arm around each of their waists, he encourages them to kiss each other.

Justin and Tig are speaking again, too softly to be heard beyond themselves. Vincent doesn't need to hear them, though, because he can see their faces. With a smile, he whispers to each of his boys that they can leave these two alone now. He feels the drag of reluctance in them as they turn, the longing and loss that tugs them to stay for one more gaze, one more touch that won't come; Vincent lets them look and promises with silent touches to make it up to them when they're home.

"Don't go," Justin's voice calls out behind them before they reach the door. They turn to see him standing now, one hand curled around the back of Tig's neck as Tig remains kneeling. "Stay," Justin says, "please."

Eyes locked with Justin's, Vincent feels Patrick and Colin look to him for how he will answer this. Patrick is transmitting his own "please" in the twitches of his fingertips at the small of Vincent's back; Colin downturns his eyes to hold in his plea.

"Stay and share this," Justin says quietly.

"Are you giving him to us?" Vincent asks.

"No." Justin smiles. "I'm giving you to him."


My other piece of news is that a new story, "Serendipity," has been accepted by Silver Publishing and is due out in August. I only submitted it yesterday, so I'd have to say this is the fastest acceptance I've had yet! Anyhow, here's the blurb for that one:

Jake Brown has always been content with his life on the family farm. When he learns his rock idol, the legendary Russ London, is making a tour stop nearby, Jake sneaks off to the city, planning a simple night of music and fun—but everything changes when a chance encounter in a coffee shop brings him face to face with Russ London himself.


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