It was my pleasure and privilege to interview [ profile] kitzheng and [ profile] jamie_booth about their story in Torquere's shapeshifter anthology Here Kitty, Kitty, "The Tale of Tom Katt & Martin Rue." I'll be reviewing the novella tomorrow so I won't say anything here other than that I really loved it (I'm saving all the whys and wherefores for the review itself). But if you're familiar with either Kit or Jamie, or if you're interested in hearing about collaborations, writing processes, genre-blending, and myth-building, I hope you'll check out the interview over at Authors By Authors.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that this is my half of an Authors by Authors pair-up with Kit Zheng, who posted a review of "The Prettiest Girl in the Room," my story in the anthology Queer Dimensions. (Thank you again, Kit!)
[ profile] kitzheng and I have posted the first part of our conversational interview at Authors by Authors, in which we talk about our experiences with the writing process and a little about what we're working on now. We also did anime-style author profiles, complete with the most adorable illustrations by Kit, whose artistic skills far outshine my own limited stick figures. ♥

Please hop over here to find out things like what our magic powers are, the similarities and differences in our writing processes, what we're working on now, and how I might make some novelists cry.

The second part of the interview is tomorrow here. On Friday we're doing reviews, which is great for me because there aren't many forums for short story review.

If you're a writer and you haven't signed up to do a week at Authors by Authors yet, I hope you'll consider it. Although Kit and I have talked about writing before, I found our discussion (silly and thoughtful by turns) illuminating.
Today I'm incredibly pleased to be bringing you an interview with Heather Domin ([ profile] teacake421), author of the online serialized novel, Valerian's Legion: The Soldier of Raetia. Crossing the genres of historical fiction, military fiction, and gay romance, Valerian's Legion is set in Rome and Raetia in 10BC. It is, in Heather's words, "a story of destiny, honor, and redemption set against the backdrop of an Empire on the cusp of its full power--a story of blood, brotherhood, and love, inspired as much by Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden as Mary Renault and Diana Gabaldon."

For those who may not have discovered it yet, tell us a little about Valerian's Legion.

Valerian's Legion: The Soldier of Raetia is the story of Dardanus, a young man who joins a Roman legion, and Valerian, the general who reluctantly agrees to sponsor him. Since childhood Dardanus has wanted to be a soldier; now his career, his future, and his honor depend on the training he receives from the moody, reticent general. Stationed at the frontier, Dardanus comes of age through friendship, battle, and blood; but it's his relationship with Valerian that changes both men forever. The path that brought them together could be the path to a happiness neither expected--if they survive to find it.

Click for the rest of the interview + an excerpt from an upcoming chapter. )

Valerian's Legion: The Soldier of Raetia updates weekly. For more, including an index of published chapters and links to historical background and other information, check the introductory post. Heather is also a reviewer for the Historical Novel Society; you can find her reviews here.


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