[livejournal.com profile] kitzheng and I have posted the first part of our conversational interview at Authors by Authors, in which we talk about our experiences with the writing process and a little about what we're working on now. We also did anime-style author profiles, complete with the most adorable illustrations by Kit, whose artistic skills far outshine my own limited stick figures. ♥

Please hop over here to find out things like what our magic powers are, the similarities and differences in our writing processes, what we're working on now, and how I might make some novelists cry.

The second part of the interview is tomorrow here. On Friday we're doing reviews, which is great for me because there aren't many forums for short story review.

If you're a writer and you haven't signed up to do a week at Authors by Authors yet, I hope you'll consider it. Although Kit and I have talked about writing before, I found our discussion (silly and thoughtful by turns) illuminating.
Although I don't have any new releases, this is a big week for me: my interview is up at Paper Bag Press, and [livejournal.com profile] kitzheng and I are on the Authors by Authors blog this week, starting Wednesday. Please stop by, if you have a chance!


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